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🥾Last practice hike before Mt. Rinjani 🌋On Sunday, we did our last practice hike before the next week's trek at Mt. Rinjani. We decided to start 6am at Bukit Gasing, since we wanted to practice the use of head lamps and hiking in the dark.The hiking in the dark went well and 4 trips of the stamina hill was the limit for me. Otherwise, I felt happy at the way I finished the trek. We completed the 7km loop in 4h. I feel confident about next week's trek now.🤞🏼 The hike was immediately followed up by a breakfast at Kanna...

"Others see a model ripe for abuse: The remote workers are paid $3 an hour, according to their management company, while the minimum wage in the city is $16." #hospitality #restaurant #outsourcing 🍜 # The Fried Chicken Is in New York. The Cashier Is in the Philippines.

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