Nicola's scribbles
May 19th, 2024

Two months of scribbles

from the web

It's being two months now that I'm here on Scribbles and – aside from enjoying every moment – I am also witnessing its slow but steady growth.


The one thing I like the most is its diversity. It reminds me of the early days on Tumblr where you could find any type of content just a click away. From technical posts (on learning Python to something more in deep) to your GrandMa's recipes. From personal journals to app reviews.

And then this quote from Manuel's post reassumes all of this great and welcomed diversity:

… the more time I spend online the more I enjoy consuming content from people who are not afraid to share content in a very honest and sometimes vulnerable way. People who share without an agenda, people who share because they think it’s important to communicate both the ups and the downs of this shared experience we’re all going through called life. Life can be joyful and wonderful and marvellous. But it can also be a fucking nightmare. And yes, it’s important to celebrate the victories and to immortalise the glorious moment. But it’s also important to document the failures, the shitty moments, the dark places our minds find themselves stuck in. It’s all part of what makes us unique after all.

So here we are, in a small town giving our best and our honest attitude on sharing our life's and interests with like minded people. There's worst in life…