Nicola's scribbles
July 7th, 2024

grey skies

Life's journal

An almost sleepless night today, interspersed with two long periods of waking up. Still away from home after 27 days of hospitalization whose end I still don't know, when on departure I took leave of my son, hoping for a trip of only 72 (scant) hours.

Milan's Porta Nuova webcam view of july 7, 2024 at 6:16AM

The sky is still black here in Milan, laden with the promise of rain with intense weather events nearby, while the sun is shining at home. In every sense of the word.

Thoughts chase each other, ranging from frivolities to worries about the future. Thinking about what I will do when I return home, what will be easy for me to do and what will not. How I will experience returning to Milan for my next checkup in a month. Will I experience the anguish of a new problem that will blow up the much-needed family vacation, or such that it will seriously affect my health? I realize it is pointless to fret, however, the head is racing, and getting it to slow down is not easy....