Scribbles Update Blog
February 15th, 2024

Thinking about pricing

🫣 Argh, pricing! Noooooooooo.

It's been difficult for me to think about pricing for Scribbles considering its featured set, yet simplicity.

Most creative time happens in the shower for me, and also... well... 🚽 So I had plenty of time to think about pricing. Here is what I'm planning, with staged releases beginning perhaps next week.

  • $99 one-time LIFETIME plan — giving you unlimited blogs (and posts). Just pay once. Bob's your Uncle. Available for everyone in the pre-release beta. This will be made available soon. Lifetime will be as long as Scribbles is active (and I hope for a long time).
  • $24/year plan for early beta adopters, for your first blog. Then it's $12/year for each additional blog — this covers basically everyone that has emailed asking for access. This will be available before public launch on a limited time basis (although I will probably keep it for longer). 

... OK, let me check what I actually set up for the real pricing... ...

After general release, and allowing everyone to lock in their preferred price I'll be adding the normal price. I don't think I'll change this as time goes for at least a couple years — just know that you will always have the same price as long as you're up to date with payments (wow, sounds so soulless).

  • $4/month for your first blog, or $48/year.
  • $2/month for each additional blog, or $24/year.

I'd love to offer this for free, but as usual there are real costs that I need to pay. So I'm trying to find a good balance. I didn't really research any other pricing plan for other platforms, but I think this is a good price in general.

Of course I am flexible on anything so if you find it difficult to afford the monthly (I have been there many times), you just have to email me and I'll sort something out. Being out of pocket and not being able to buy basics because you just want to blog isn't good.

Let me know what you think of my planned pricing.

In my initial emails I have sent out I also, sometimes, included the wording "free" — I'll honour that to all that have been active with feedback. So you'll enjoy a free blog if you'd like and then each other additional blog will follow the pricing above.

Updated Update:
I'll be keeping the early adopter price for anyone that signed up during the beta of course — no time limit.