Scribbles Update Blog
February 15th, 2024

Overrides, accent tweaks and fixes

Last week I deployed a few changes and tweaks that would be helpful to customise your site even more — as usual I get a request for some of these, so it's always fun to get these in as long as they fit with the overall vision of Scribbles.


So, let's start with overrides. You can find them in your blog settings and this allows you to override any of the hardcoded sections that are built into Scribbles.

Huh? Yeah... So Scribbles has an "Archives" button once your posts go above a certain limit, well now you can override that text. There are more of these of course, for example the Archive page title, or the RSS subscribe text, you name it (literally).

The Overrides blog settings screen showing different options.
The Overrides blog settings screen showing different options.

Initially I talked to Robert about this and I promised I'll localise these to your blog language, but the better way to do this is to just allow you to override them to your liking.

I might still add localised versions if you're feeling lazy.

Accent Tweaks

Next up... thank you Gaby for this one... you can now have a "random" accent colour on each load of your page. Might have had a beer 🍺 at the same time when he emailed me 😋

Just add "random" to your accent picker and you'll know it's correct when you get the unicorn 🦄

An accent colour of "random".
An accent colour of "random".

Fixes & Tweaks

Well, like every other day, there have been fixes! Some important ones:

  • Images that had meta data, like location, are now stripped from the image when displayed on your site. That includes the blog avatar/logo and of course anything your throw at your posts.
  • When viewing pages on a custom domain... embarrassingly they didn't actually look up the correct blog on some instances where the page name were the same 🤦‍♂️ Well, now it works.

Now onto tweaks... erm... many. OK, that's it.