Scribbles Updates
February 1st, 2024

Feature freeze as I get ready for public release


As we turn to February, with a launch window of March, I decided to do a feature freeze on Scribbles development.

Scribbles is already pretty robust, but now it's time to work through my list that are essential for launch. That's a short but important list. Here is what is on the table:

  • Override some wording on your blog, like "Archives", "Subscribe via RSS here" etc.
  • Exports — this one is big and I need this before launch.
  • Billing — trying to run a business 😅
  • Error pages — just some 404s and some other logic here.

There are some stretch goals:

  • Expanded posts on homepage, basically a layout to show the full display of posts — combining this with limiting the amount of articles to show would work nicely.
  • Title-less posts — still have mixed feelings on this. Might just do it.
  • Explore RSS Feed — a feed for explore. I'm keeping explore behind a login for now.

Of course, there is much more on my list but I want to be super picky about it all! And also I am taking into account every single feature that was requested by you — one step at a time.

I'm a great believer in having a small set of features but done well that are robust and just work.

And because it's me, I'll probably find ways to improve some layouts and presentation of data and inputs.

The goal with Scribbles is to have a "complete" project, with small improvements over time. I'm not trying to do everything, nor do I want to. Polishing and improving is OK in my book too!

There is also a long term plan to allow you self host Scribbles, with a single account and blog/s — I've made some choices to see if I can run everything using SQLite (hey? what? what? — yes, you would be that target audience), except some minor little point, it seems to work nicely — so you only have to get it up and running in your own terms, using Kamal (Docker) without the need to think about databases or anything. Easy. But this is not ready yet at all — so don't hold your breath.

Wait, I am doing the usual of side tracking... Well, you know me by now.

Of course, I'll be updating as I work on the above stuff as usual. It was important for me to get this out though so you know that I might not get to that feature you have asked for.