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Blogging is like an old pair of slippers

I’m finding that visiting this blog is a bit like an old pair of slippers. There’s something comforting about it. I can’t quite put my finger (or toe) on why it feels so good. Smells a lot better than my favourite pair of old slippers as well.

That’s entertainment

Holy smokes I haven’t posted on this blog for a little while. I’ve been so busy doing nothing that I’ve not had time to write.

That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about what to write. Ideas sound so much better and interesting in my head until I come to write them down and then I think, will someone enjoy this? Hey, I’m not a clown here to entertain all. Equally I am also not here to send anyone to sleep through my random ramblings. I guess what I am saying is that I have no purpose here. Actually, that sounds a bit deep and dark - it was totally not meant to be!

This blog entertains me. I can’t quite explain why. I feel like I am nattering away to myself. I see a lot of blogs with people doing the same. It’s fun to just create. I am sure it is just as fun to draw a stick man as it is to paint the Mona Lisa. Yes, that’s me comparing this amazing blog to the great works of someone like William Shakespeare.

Write about whatever the heck you want, or nothing at all, like I seem to have the knack for. Enjoy!

P.s. many thanks to the reader who reached out and emailed me off the back of my last post! Sorry I didn’t get around to replying - I was too busy doing nothing, again.

Just for the thrill of it

Sometimes it’s just therapeutic or cathartic to write even when there is nothing to say. There’s something exciting about writing, hitting publish, and have something published into cyberspace potentially visible by billions. Admittedly it’s also potentially not read by billions, but hey!

Must do more

Sure, it would be great if I had just climbed up Everest, or completed Super Mario in the fastest ever time or taken the most incredible photo of the sun rising over Kilimanjaro. But alas, my life is rather dull, and as a result this post will not feature any of those fantastic things. I could write about doing the washing up again but I'd fear that you would think this blog had gotten stale rehashing the same content!

I spend too much time thinking about what to write about or what platform to use or tinkering with the way a potential blog looks. Whilst I enjoy doing this I get frustrated with myself that I'm not actually living life and doing anything that's worth writing about. I'm bogged down thinking about tools rather than the things I can make with them.

I need some inspiration!


It’s Easter which means that I can be found pigging out on chocolate. My kids get so much it would be rude to let them have it all. Every Easter I make an effort to have at least one Cadbury’s Creme Egg and a bag of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. I’ve enjoyed both this year. I could hoover up an endless supply of Mini Eggs they are so good. Sugar crash incoming in 3, 2…