Notes from the Workshop
Project notes from a habitual hobby collector and DIY'er.
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App Icon - Design Challenge 2

Today's design challenge from Sharpen continues our green theme with the following prompt: "Design an app icon for a rhino conservatory." This is the first time I've made an app icon, so it was fun trying a new format. I was able to use Apple's Design Resources to get app icon grid overlays to ensure everything was within the appropriate bounding areas. I was originally hoping to have the rhino's horn pop out a bit, but I landed on a simpler approach as I wasn't finding the results I wanted. Overall a fun, quick project!

Feedback Form - Design Challenge 1

I have long considered improving my design skills through randomly generated exercises and decided today was as good as any day to start. Using the challenge generator at Sharpen, I was given the following prompt: "Design a feedback form for a hotel and use lots of green." I thought I'd try to make something that could also be printed and left in a room as an alternative means of gathering feedback from guests. Overall, I'm quite happy with how this turned out, especially for less than an hour of work.