Granny’s Recipes
May 8th, 2024

Helpful Hints

  1. Before beginning any recipe be sure to check and assemble all the ingredients called for.

  2. Souring Milk:
     If no sour milk is on hand add teaspoons of lemon juice or vinegar to one cup of sweet milk.

  3. Peeling Tomatoes:
     To peel tomatoes easily, plunge them into boiling water for 30 seconds. The skin will slip right off.

  4. To prevent lumps in brown sugar, store the box tightly closed in your refrigerator. The sugar will stay soft for months.

  5. Store different types of cookies in separate containers to keep them crisp and to prevent mixing of flavors.

  6. Freeze your popcorn in a plastic bag.
     It will stay fresher when you store it in the freezer and more kernels will pop.