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Revisiting the Field Notes Birch Bark Edition

I took a quick look at Field Notes' Fall 2023 edition, Birch Bark, when they arrived and put them on the shelf. I thought they were uninspired, but I picked one up to use a week ago and I'd now describe them as beautifully understated.  In fact, I'd rank them in my personal top tier of favorite Field Notes releases. The subtle pattern on the cover and the light grid (especially the "Lemon" color) on good quality paper make for an excellent notebook. 

🗓️ 2024-W04, Week Notes

🐕 Hamish started nose work class this weekend. We had no idea what to expect, but to start he just had to find pieces of turkey meatballs in cardboard boxes. It was fun and definitely worked his brain pretty hard. ☀️ The solar project continued to move along. We had a home energy audit (a requirement to get the permits), and the local wetlands coordinator came by to verify that the location was ok. Up next is a quote on some tree work to maximize the array exposure and the permit applications. 💻 I'm still looking at blogging options. There's...